Active Projects

Seeking: Solutions for North Atlantic Right Whale Satellite Tag Development

Seeking: Solutions for North Atlantic Right Whale Detection

Seeking: CDMOs to develop and manufacture a medicated antacid based chew

Seeking: Aluminum Packaging Alternatives

Seeking: Novel Salt Reduction and Salty Taste Enhancement

Seeking: Suppliers of Dimethylpolysiloxane

Seeking: Carbon Capture, Conversion, and Utilization Technologies

Seeking: Novel microalgae strains, extracts, and byproducts for agriculture

Seeking: Sourcing novel seaweed species for biostimulants

Seeking: Bird repellents for crops

Seeking: Geothermal Energy Drilling Technologies

Seeking: At-Rest Earth Pressure Measurement Technology

Seeking: Innovative Anti-diversion Technologies

Seeking: Fractional Distillation Service Providers

Seeking: NREL Digitizing Utilities Prize Challenge

Seeking: Flooding diagnosis technology inside underground cable connections

Seeking: Commercial and Academic AI Partners & Collaborators

Seeking: Industrial Microbial Management

Seeking: Subsurface crack detection technologies

Seeking: 3D Motion Detection and Distance Monitoring

Seeking: 3D Scanning and Modelling Technologies

Seeking: Novel skincare products & technologies

Seeking: Underground utility surveying technologies

Escaping fluorine dependency in agrochemical design

Diagnostic tools for detecting non-visible indicators of poor agronomic performa

Technologies to charactertize insect membrane proteins

Rapid detection and quantification of bacterial contamination

Seeking: Chemical building blocks from biomass

Seeking: Sustainable Supply Chain

Seeking: Field applicable ore characterisation systems and technologies

NASA Seeking: Clinical decision support for remote healthcare

Seeking: Systems Integrators for Lab Automation in India and China

Seeking: Wearables to monitor dermal bioindicators

Seeking: Quality verification of on-demand electronics manufactured in space

Seeking: Assessing the impact of primary data sharing

Seeking: PFAS detection technology

Seeking: Suppliers of dried aluminum hydroxide gel


American-Made: MAKE IT Prize Facilities Track

PepsiCo seeking recycling technologies for biodegradable films

NASA is seeking experts in long term health metrics

3D Surface Mapping

Rapid and Portable Microbial Field Test

NIH Targeted Genome Editor Delivery Challenge

Acid and Heat Stable Sweet Proteins

Compact Medical Lab Analysis

Technologies Enabling Light-Weighting of Large Bottle Packaging Formats

Compact Medical Radiography (X-ray)

End-of-life Opportunities for Medically Contaminated Materials

Novel Therapeutics for Neurological Disorders

Compact Space-ready Lasers & Detectors suitable for Lidar Applications

NASA Women’s Aqua Boost Challenge

Novel Sun Protection Ingredients or Formulations

Fungal Strain Development for Food Fermentation

Easy Female Hormone Measurement Technology that is Repeatably Used

Pipeline Technologies and Materials to Transport Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen

Seeking: Buyer for Premium Food Storage Container Brand

Alternative Technologies to Palm Oil as a Raw Material for Surfactants

CoLab Tech 2023 Recruitment

PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator APAC Sustainability Edition

Industrial Water Treatment Technologies

New Portal: Shoots by Syngenta

Alternative Sustainable Polysaccharide Sources

Suppliers of Glycol Salicylate

Label-less Packaging Decorations

Low-Temperature Catalyst Manufacturing Process With Low Cost & Carbon Footprint

Ingredients Produced Through Utilization of Captured Carbon

Consulting Experts to Evaluate Novel Energy Technology

Technology for non-destructive inspection inside concrete structures

Food-Grade Polypropylene Filter Paper with High Polypropylene Content

Quantifying Aroma Compounds in Chocolate

Analytical Methods/tools to Compare Aroma Profiles of Milk Chocolates

Cable Sealing System, Material, or Tech that is Easy to Remove and Reinstall

Custom Radiation-Resistant Displays

Affordable Structured Lipids with Improved Functionality and Sustainability

Multi-Scale Simulation Tools

Saturated Fat Substitutes

Increasing Efficiency in Stoving/Curing Ovens for Jellies

Confectionery Contract Manufacturers for Chocolate Bars and Blocks

Cat-Friendly Litterbox Deodorization Device

Greenhouse Gas Detection & Monitoring Systems Based on Satellite Data

Logo Implementation and Surface Patterning Technologies for Baked Goods

Natural Sweeteners and Technologies for Sugar Reduction in Beverages

Biodegradable and Compostable Packaging Materials

Nasal Irrigation Device

Embedded UVC Light Platform Enabling Self-Disinfection of Surfaces and Devices

Sustainably Made Hydrocarbons and Other Specific Chemicals

Innovation Partners in Professional Oral Care in North America and Europe

Technology for Removing Debris from Power Lines

Healthy Snacking Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Durable Eco-friendly Materials for Marine Environments

Wood Alternative Boards and Panels for Construction

PepsiCo Seeking: Recyclable Closure for Paper Beverage Bottles

Methodologies to Validate Postbiotics Benefits from Plant-Based Fermentations

Ingredient Encapsulation Technologies for Beverages

Sustainable Processes & Feedstocks for Terpene Production

Mondelēz International’s SnackFutures Opens Applications for CoLab 2023

Programmable Delivery System for Genome Editing

Non-Viral Delivery Vehicles for Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier

Zeon Offering: New polymer material with excellent elasticity, stretchability

Fabricantes de productos para el cuidado del hogar y personal en LATAM

LATAM Home Care and Personal Care Manufacturing Partners

Fabricantes de productos para el cuidado bucal en LATAM

LATAM Professional Oral Care Manufacturing Partners

Multifunctional Preservatives for Personal Care

Real-time Whale Detection & Monitoring Technologies

Ostomy and Urinary Retention Sensors

Advancements in Green Hydrogen Production

CDMOs to produce a generic version of a professional oral care product

High Performance Sleep and Activity Tracking Wearables

Seeking: Methods to Inspire Collaborative Innovation in Hybrid Work Environment

Seeking: Software for Real-time Geo-referencing of Aerial Video

Patient Engagement Software Solution

Plastic Pollution Offsetting and Ocean Plastic Removal

Applications for poultry meat by-products

Water pipeline leak detection

GHG Gas Reduction for Packaging

Aggregation/Bonding of Network Links To Increase Bandwidth

Advances in electromagnetic sensors for impurity detection

High Temperature Sensors for Extreme Environments

Taste Modulators for Plant Proteins in Asia and Oceania

Flexible Energy Conversion Tech to Harvest Ocean Wave Energy

Bio-based alternatives to post-harvest fungicides

Novel Purification Techniques for Human IgG

Biological Approaches to Solidify Saturated Soils

NORM & Mercury Detection & Disposal Techniques

Natural Antimicrobial for Licensing or Acquisition

Seeking: Soap Sheet Suppliers

Leavening Technology Enabling Sodium Reduction

Carbon Capture Technologies for Industrial Applications

Novel Purification Techniques for Biological Molecules

Next Generation Plant-Based Meat Products

Empresa que seque jugo de fruta, miel o jarabe en LATAM

Fruit Juice, Honey & Syrup Dehydration in LATAM

Protein-Based films or Compatible Edible barrier Films

Plant Protein Extrusion

Scent Detection of Invasive Dreissenid Mussel Veligers

Road Traffic Incident Risk Mitigation Technologies

Novel Antibacterials

Alternate Sources of Water

Improved Durability of Plastic Parts

Innovative Floor Maintenance System

Better Recyclability of Aerosol Packaging

Novel Protein Solutions for Beverages

Low Temperature Bonding Technologies

Energy Reduction for Ice Cream Cabinets

AI Anomaly Detection for Hydroelectric Plants

Minority-Owned Suppliers in Beauty and Personal Care

Strain Sensors for Parachute Canopies

Biodegradable, Vegan Film-Forming Materials

Bio-based Alternatives to Asphalt

Novel Augmented Reality Optics Technology

Sustainable Food Packaging with Barrier Properties

Tech for Lightweighting of Hot-Fill PET bottles

Tech for Improving Mechanical rPET Quality

Minority-Owned Suppliers in Beauty and Personal Care

Inspection Tech for Additive Manufacturing in Space

Applied R & D of AI and Machine Learning Technologies

AI and Machine Learning Platform Technologies

Automated Crack Mapping Solutions

Energy Efficient Tech to Reduce Size of Hard Materials

PC Application to run Medical & Scientific Devices

Precision Health Techniques

Wearable to Improve Worker Safety

Tech to Reduce Salt Perception of Electrolytes

Separating Gas Bubbles from Water Stream

Electrical Heating Technologies for Industrial Use

Technologies to Extend Food Shelf Life

Innovative “Toilet Block” Tech to Clean & Refresh

Precision Metrology for Navigation and Sensing

Fault Detection and Prognosis Technologies

Electrochemical Energy Storage for Cold Environments

Incident Command Platform Technologies

Materials that "Improve" Lymphatic Function

Debris Mitigation and Removal for Dams

AR/VR Training System Best Practices

Technologies for laboratory Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

Open-Source Resources for AI-Based Analytic Tools

High Frequency Test for Optical Communications Devices

Rapid Assembly Tech for Optical Communication Devices

Copackaged Integrated Circuits for Optical Transceivers

Probiotic Lysates for Skin Care Applications

Thermal Process Innovation for Energy Efficiency

Natural Colors for Foods & Beverages

Seeking: Shelf-life studies for food products

Seeking: Eyedrop Administration Techniques for Children

Centralized Processing of High-Bandwidth Data

PepsiCo Seeking: Food Packaging Reuse Models & Platforms

Microbiome Technology for Soil Health

Field Tools to Evaluate Raw Citrus Juice Quality

Fujitsu Offering: Lithium Niobate Processing, Design, Packaging & Manufacturing

Procter & Gamble Seeking: Liquid Compatible Barrier

Sustainable Packaging Materials for Ice Cream

Sustainable Packaging for Dry Foods

Positive Nutrition

Unilever Seeking: Plant Protein & Beyond

Aerial Imaging in Agriculture

Thermal Processing Innovation

Connected Packaging

Novel Research Tools

Technologies for water replenishment

Reducing GHG Emissions

Tough Stain Removal

Stable Salt Hydrates

Natural Materials for Stain Removal and Hygiene

Natural Fabric Whitening Agents

Long lasting Hygiene Actives for Surface Cleaners

Detergent Powder with No Water Insolubles

Fermentation and Bio-conversion Process Engineering

Unilever Seeking: Novel Measurements of Skin Physiology

Unilever Seeking: Natural Antioxidants

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Patch and Wireless Continuous Monitoring

PepsiCo: CIP Sensors for Flavor Identification

PepsiCo: Bottle and Closure Sanitation

PepsiCo: 3D Printing for use in Prototype modeling

Alder Hey Open Innovation Portal Sourcing Solutions to Beat COVID-19

Quintac Styrene Block Copolymer

Unilever: Prebiotics for Microbiome Control

Unilever: Naturals for Microbiome Control

Mondelēz: Natural systems for minimizing pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers

Next Generation Lithium Batteries

Kobayashi Open Innovation Portal

PepsiCo Open Innovation Portal

Sanofi Consumer Healthcare Open Innovation Portal

GSK Open Innovation Portal

SnackFutures Open Innovation Portal needs

Colgate-Palmolive Open Innovation portal needs

Altria Open Innovation Portal needs

Zeon Stretchable Resilient Elastomer

Offering: Conductive Material for Sensors

Mondelez Innovation Portal

Archived Projects

Portable Power Supplies

New Routes to Improved Quality Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic

Carbon Neutral or Regenerative Packaging

Dispersed Cellulose Nanofibers

Offering: Synchronization in Packet Ntwk

Film paste for photovoltaics

Offering: Fluor-free, Superhydrophobic Coating

Offering: UV Exposure Detection Device

Patented, Low-Friction Surface Texture for Lubricated Sliding Surfaces

Offering: Low Odor, Low VOC Multifunctional Additive for Oil Products Modificat

Personalized and Proactive Health Optimization

Immune System Boost or Slimming with Natural Ingredient for Beverage Application

Energy Management Solutions for Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Beverage

Beyond Ready-To-Drink

Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd Open Innovation Portal

Offering: Software Governance Tool

Women’s Digital Health Startups

Wickless Nebulizer Diffuser Technologies

Wearables and Measuring Devices

Water Recycling and Reuse Technologies

Voice Communication System for Spacecraft

First Responder Communications

Transportation Technologies

Seeking: Thermoregulatory technologies for activewear

Technology to prevent scale (resin residue) from adhering to stainless steel

Technology to Measure Active Energy Consumption in Muscle

Seeking: technology that lowers the price of power conditioning systems

Technologies to Improve Flip Chip Bonding Accuracy

Technologies to improve cooling tower water efficiency.

Preservation and Antimicrobial Activity for Packaged Consumer Goods

Trustable Space-based Autonomous Operations

Seeking: Tech to ID Early-Stage Failure of Optical Components

Taste Modulators for Plant Proteins

Sustainable Packaging Processes

Sustainable Coating Materials

Seeking: Suppliers of N-Vanillylnonanamide

Seeking: Suppliers of Diphenhydramine

State of the Art Flexible Electronics

Space Radiation Protection Garments

Solutions for Spatial Analytics

Solid State Power Amplifiers

Software partners for complex systems

Sensor-based Systems for Enhancement of Physical Spaces

Sensor to Measure Muscle Fatigue

Scheduling and Training Management Systems

Seeking: Safe Processes for Addition of Powders in Products

Robust Object Detection Algorithms

Reusable water filters

Reservoir Sediment Collection and Removal

Replacement of heavy rare earth elements

Remote Monitoring for Pediatric Epiliepsy

Remote Height and Weight Measurement for Clinical Trials

Recycling Technologies for Flexible Plastics

Recyclable Flexible Material Suitable for Packaging

PTT synthesis technology for polyester fiber end-uses

Preventing Corrosion of Steel in Contact with Hydrocarbons

Polylactic Acid Technology

Personalized Nutrition Partner

Seeking: Personalized Health & Nutrition Products

Patient Data Aggregation Software for Clinical Trials

Patient Communication Equipment for Virtual Caregivers

Seeking Dev Partners: Drilling Tech

Packaging and Processing Technologies to Make Frozen Food Products Ready to Eat

Organic Paint to withstand Bleach & More

Nutrition/ Micronutrient Urine Test

Novel Separation Technologies

Novel Sealing or Closure Technologies

Novel recyclable ‘cook in pack’ tray material

Methods of Material Manufacture

Novel Formats for Facial Cleansing

Novel Delivery & Packaging for Oral Care

Novel Bio-Based Polymers

Technology to Measure Lipid Metabolism

Non-fossil Cyclic Compound

Non-Caffeine Energy Products

Non-Aluminium Based Antiperspirant

Next Generation Freezing Technologies

Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) of Hydraulic Structures & Piping

Industrial manufacturing platform design for horizontal access

Nanomaterials for Coolants and Lubricants

Multi-Bearer Remote Speaker Microphone Device

Mobility Ingredient for China

Methyl Cellulose Clean Label Alternative

Packaging Line Monitoring

Seeking: Methods for processing delicate bivalve meat & novel uses

Detecting a hole through metal layers

Undersea Pipe Movement & Expansion

Selecting Gear Alternate Bending Factor

Increasing Tool Life of Casting Molds

Mechanical Properties of Metal Castings

Method of Detecting Leaks

Menopause Treatments

Measurement of cerebral blood flow

Materials for the Lunar Environment

Agile Airfield Infrastructure

Manufacturing Processes for Lunar Surface Infrastructure

Magnetic Field Computational Design

Macronutrient Test for Health

Lithium Metal Batteries

Liquid Biopsy Technology for Early Cancer Detection

Lander Technologies Automotive Sensors

IoT Kitchen Appliances and Solutions for the Smart Kitchen

Inspection Technology by Drone

InSpace Novel Sanitization and Sterilization techniques

Innovative Sensing Technologies

Innovative Electric Motor Production

Innovative Electric Motor Cooling

Innovative E-commerce Packaging

Digestive Health Products

Ingredients to Improve Glucose Metabolism

Ingredients to Enhance Endurance

Ingredients for Muscle Strengthening

Ingredients to prevent freezing

Improving Solder Joints and Solder-Bonded Chips

Immunity Boosting Products

Highly durable paint/coating for electric transmission towers

Bearing for High Speed Rotors

High-Performance Cameras for Space

High Throughput Lab Services for Formulation Prototyping

High Performance Automotive Imagers

Seeking: Herb/Grain Processing & Packaging Solutions

Health and Wellness Imaging Tech

Hard-Coating Tech on Plastic Glazing

Seeking: Groundbreaking Powder Application Technologies

Grooming & Skincare Products for Men

Global wine database

Future of Food Technologies

Functional sugars for obesity prevention

Functional brand partners to develop new confectionaries

Fruit sugar extraction and crystallization

Ingredients that can Promote Secretory Immunoglobulin A (s-IgA) Production

Food Systems for NASA lunar ‘Human Lander System’ Astronauts

Fluorinated Resin Material and Process Technology for Coating Stainless Steel

Fluorescent Slide Scanners

Flexible Piezoresistive Material

Fast thermoplastic polymer welding technologies

Experts in areas relevant to hair fibers

Energy Storage for vehicles

Electrical Tape

Electric Tools for Extreme Environments

High Power Density E-motor

Recovery Method of Parts in Exhaust Gas

Edgy Health and Wellness Products

Eco-friendly Packaging Materials

Durable Tag and Trace Solutions

Dust mitigation technologies

Dust Management Technologies

Durable Plaster Coatings

Dissolvable Packaging Solution

Seeking dissolvable packaging for personal care products

Seeking: Discoloration Materials or Technologies that Change Colors

Digital Health Technologies

Seeking digital dehydration risk management device

Dermocosmetic solutions for scalp & hair

Seeking: Decommissioning Provider for Stainless Steel Pipes

Contingency Breathing Apparatus

Consumer medical devices for skin

CO₂ Utilization Technologies to Produce High-Value Materials

Channel within Polymer for Preferential Gas Transfer Under Pressure

Carbon Capture Methods to Reduce CO2 Emission

Canal Seepage Reduction Technology

Broad spectrum preservatives for food

Blood Testing for Health/ Wellness

Black-Owned Supplier Partners in the Beauty and Personal Care Industry

Biometric authentication technologies for first responders

Biological Pump Technologies

Bio-signal Sensor to Measure Hydration

Bi-directional, Two-Channel Pumping Technologies

Best Practices in Aquaculture

Battery Materials Recycling Innovations

Automated E-motor Winding Technology

Arsenic Sensors and Analysis Tools

AR/VR Heads-In Display

App Design and App Business Platforms

Alternatives to animal protein

Alternatives for the Manual Handling of Heavy Objects

Alternative proteins for consumer fish products

AI-Based Maritime Surveillance System

Advanced screening technologies

Advanced Materials and Sensors for the Detection of Pilot Stress and Fatigue

Advanced Drive Technologies for Screening Applications

Seeking: Acne and Skin Inflammation Treatments

5G Test Beds for Public Safety

5G Technology and Applications Industry Representatives and Experts

Untraditional Oral Care Product Formats

Developing Open IoT Platform

Co-Develop: Open IoT platform

A system to discretely detect legal player-to-player contact during matches

PMI Open Innovation portal needs

Sustainable Cups, Lids & Straws

Sugar Replacement for Foods

Solid Form Acetic Acid for Sodium Reduction

PepsiCo Seeking: Revolutionary Plant Protein Sources

Remote Sensing to track Soil Health

PepsiCo Seeking: Pea Proteins for Low pH Beverages

PepsiCo: No Added Sugar, No Added Fat Coating and Binder Syrups

Next Generation Sustainable Cooler

PepsiCo Seeking: Moisture Barrier for Paper Substrate

PepsiCo Seeking: Moisture Barrier for Bio-Based Films

Method for Acrylamide Detection

Improved Salt Dissolution using Dispersed Salt

Disinfection Solutions for Bottles and Closures

Coconut Water Flavor Optimization

Breakthrough Packaging Solutions for China

Biodegradable coatings/adhesives for PHA films

PepsiCo is Seeking Technologies to Enable Consumer Promotions

P&G: Technology Innovation for Antiperspirant/Deodorant or Body Care Sprays

Responsible Beauty Packaging Solutions

Overall Wellness in Fabric Care and Home Care

Solar reflective window film

Textile Reinforced Concrete Prototyping Technology

Medtronic announces polymer-free drug-eluting stents for license or acquisition

Glass Textile Reinforced Concrete Crash Barrier

Enzymatic Degumming of Rice Bran

Nonvolatile Nano-Memory device

Automated Data Identification & Classification and Sensor Datasets

Superior Rubber Material

Clothing Refresh in Space

Multifunctional Integrated Medical Device

Micro-Monitoring/Diagnostics for Humans

Cold Stowage Technologies

Automated Medical Inventory System

Retain and use engine heat

Tech to keep liquids cold

Test User Interface for First Responders

Cost-effective centrifuge separation

Kimberly-Clark Out-Licensing Opportunity

Kimberly-Clark - Medical Tests

Kimberly-Clark Out-Licensing

Sustainable Bioengineering for EPA & DHA

Car camera for utility pole inspection

Offshore ground survey technology

PepsiCo Greenhouse Accelerator Program - Open Through Dec., 7, 2020

Plant-derived delta-8 desaturase for DHA

Seeking Flow-restriction technology

Water Temperature Control Devices

Exploring: Buoyless Underwater Object Location Marking

Offering: Electroactive polymer

Soluble E- transport material

Offering: 3D Printed Flexo Printing Form

Offering: Extruded Foam Cleaner

Composite for Harsh Environment

Offering: flexible electronics coating

Connecting conductive aluminum CV cables

Recyclable Nitro Can Solution

Biofilm Reduction Technology

Water technology solutions

Bayer Sustainable Packaging Challenge

Ascensia Diabetes Challenge

IoT Management Solutions

Activated carbon from rice husk