Active Projects

Sanofi CHC Open Innovation Portal

Dust mitigation technologies

Consumer medical devices for skin

GSK Open Innovation Portal

Fast thermoplastic polymer welding technologies

Advanced screening technologies

Biometric authentication technologies for first responders

Ingredients to Improve Glucose Metabolism

Technology to Measure Active Energy Consumption in Muscle

Technology to Measure Lipid Metabolism

Channel within Polymer for Preferential Gas Transfer Under Pressure

Preventing Corrosion of Steel in Contact with Hydrocarbons

Water technology solutions

Dissolvable Packaging Solution

Transportation Technologies

Space Radiation Protection Garments

Fluorinated Resin Material and Process Technology for Coating Stainless Steel

Seeking: Thermoregulatory technologies for activewear

Dispersed Cellulose Nanofibers

Industrial manufacturing platform design for horizontal access

Crosslinkable styrene-isoprene-styrene (SIS)

Carbon Capture Methods to Reduce CO2 Emission

Nanomaterials for Coolants and Lubricants

App Design and App Business Platforms

Software partners for complex systems

Novel Delivery & Packaging for Oral Care

Offering: Fluor-free, Superhydrophobic Coating

SnackFutures Open Innovation Portal needs

PMI Open Innovation portal needs

Colgate-Palmolive Open Innovation portal needs

Altria Open Innovation Portal needs

Undersea Pipe Movement & Expansion

Zeon Stretchable Resilient Elastomer

Non-fossil Cyclic Compound

Dust Management Technologies

Recovery Method of Parts in Exhaust Gas

Hard-Coating Tech on Plastic Glazing

Novel Separation Technologies

Detecting a hole through metal layers

Offering: Low-VOC binder for polymers

Offering: UV Exposure Detection Device

New extractant for gold

Offering: Conductive Material for Sensors

Seeking Dev Partners: Drilling Tech

Electric Tools for Extreme Environments

Mondelez Innovation Portal

Activated carbon from rice husk

Solar reflective window film

Green solvent replacement

New oxygen barrier for food packaging

Selecting Gear Alternate Bending Factor

Sensor to Measure Muscle Fatigue

Mechanical Properties of Metal Castings

High Power Density E-motor

Automated E-motor Winding Technology

Offering: Extruded Foam Cleaner

Biofilm Reduction Technology

Innovative Electric Motor Production

Innovative Electric Motor Cooling

Innovative Sensing Technologies

Methods of Material Manufacture

Soluble E- transport material

Superior Rubber Material

Nonvolatile Nano-Memory device

Connecting conductive aluminum CV cables

Developing Open IoT Platform

Cost-effective centrifuge separation

Unilever Open Innovation Portal Needs

Kimberly-Clark Out-Licensing

Kimberly-Clark Out-Licensing Opportunity

Archived Projects

Offering: Synchronization in Packet Ntwk

Film paste for photovoltaics

Offering: Software Governance Tool

Wickless Nebulizer Diffuser Technologies

First Responder Communications

Sustainable Packaging Processes

State of the Art Flexible Electronics

Solid State Power Amplifiers

Robust Object Detection Algorithms

Reusable water filters

Replacement of heavy rare earth elements

Polylactic Acid Technology

Personalized Nutrition Partner

Seeking: Personalized Health & Nutrition Products

Organic Paint to withstand Bleach & More

Nutrition/ Micronutrient Urine Test

Novel Sealing or Closure Technologies

Non-Caffeine Energy Products

Next Generation Freezing Technologies

Mobility Ingredient for China

Packaging Line Monitoring

Increasing Tool Life of Casting Molds

Method of Detecting Leaks

Measurement of cerebral blood flow

Magnetic Field Computational Design

Macronutrient Test for Health

Lander Technologies Automotive Sensors

Inspection Technology by Drone

Digestive Health Products

Ingredients for Muscle Strengthening

Ingredients to prevent freezing

Immunity Boosting Products

Bearing for High Speed Rotors

High Performance Automotive Imagers

Health and Wellness Imaging Tech

Seeking: Groundbreaking Powder Application Technologies

Grooming & Skincare Products for Men

Global wine database

Functional sugars for obesity prevention

Flexible Piezoresistive Material

Experts in areas relevant to hair fibers

Energy Storage for vehicles

Electrical Tape

Edgy Health and Wellness Products

Eco-friendly Packaging Materials

Dermocosmetic solutions for scalp & hair

Contingency Breathing Apparatus

Broad spectrum preservatives for food

Blood Testing for Health/ Wellness

Best Practices in Aquaculture

AR/VR Heads-In Display

Alternatives to animal protein

Co-Develop: Open IoT platform

PepsiCo is Seeking Technologies to Enable Consumer Promotions

Clothing Refresh in Space

Retain and use engine heat

Tech to keep liquids cold

Test User Interface for First Responders

Seeking Flow-restriction technology

Kimberly-Clark - Medical Tests

Sustainable Bioengineering for EPA & DHA

Car camera for utility pole inspection

Offshore ground survey technology

Plant-derived delta-8 desaturase for DHA

Offering: Electroactive polymer

Offering: 3D Printed Flexo Printing Form

Composite for Harsh Environment

Offering: flexible electronics coating

Ascensia Diabetes Challenge

Offering: Green Antimicrobial polymers