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A yet2 client is seeking to reduce their dependence on palm oil derived from oil palm. In the future, they are looking for a partner with alternative palm oil technologies, such as biotechnologically produced fats and oils and their derivative materials (higher fatty acids, higher alcohols, higher fatty acid methyl esters, etc.)


Palm oil is an edible oil obtained from oil palm trees and is widely used as a raw material for surfactants. However, in addition to concerns about supply and demand pressures due to future population growth, there are also problems such as deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and child labor on plantations in Southeast Asia, where palm oil is produced.

Technology Requirements

We are interested in technologies that have the potential to produce on a commercial scale an oil and fat feedstock to replace palm oil derived from oil palm, which is the raw material for surfactants. Specifically, the following conditions must be met

  • The production process must be environmentally friendly (e.g., biotechnology using microorganisms).
  • As a production technology for palm oil substitutes, we are interested not only in oil and fat derivatives (higher fatty acids, higher alcohols, higher fatty acid methyl esters, etc.), which are raw materials for surfactants, but also in oil and fat (triglycerides of higher fatty acids) production technology.
  • We are also interested in early-stage technology developed by a start-up company or research group as long as it is aimed at commercialization.
  • There is no particular preference for raw materials for palm oil substitutes.


Desired forms of collaboration

Various partnership possibilities are in scope, including yet2 clients investing in R&D and becoming demanders of palm oil alternatives produced.


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