Sourcing Step-Change Opportunities

yet2 offers a premium membership service called ‘Strategic DealFlow’ which allows our larger global clients to augment their internal technology scouting programs with the support of a highly experienced external partner.

Strategic DealFlow is an expansive service that offers continued and unparalleled access to new and disruptive technology companies, as well as peer-to-peer networking, market trends analysis and much more.

Our scouts work to an agreed set of technology interest areas and provide monthly reports (DealFlows) of the most promising step-change opportunities available at that time.

These DealFlow reports are well articulated, easy to understand and contain the most relevant information needed to help move your step-change strategy forward.

Value is further added as we continually seek to bridge the gap between our technical understanding of your needs and the commercial requirements of the wider business.

Strategic DealFlow allows a deeper and more articulated relationship with our clients. It assists with a more strategic approach to open innovation focused on potential new investments, partnering or possible acquisitions.

Why choose the Strategic DealFlow service?

  • Guaranteed introductions

We pre-screen over 800 DealFlow each year, guaranteeing our Strategic DealFlow members access to the most promising companies and technologies that meet their requirements.

The opportunities presented to you during monthly meetings with yet2 and direct introductions facilitated with the DealFlow companies on a regular basis.

  • Deeper searching, filtering and vetting

yet2 finds and screens technologies with strategic promise for your company’s specific growth plans.

We build on our close understanding of your corporate technology strategy to bring you introductions that have been validated by us and by our affiliate partners around the globe.

  • Peer-to-peer networking and education

Strategic DealFlow members can benefit from regular forums and discussions (in person and via webinars and conference calls) led by our senior management team on a range of topics: technology trends, open innovation, and specific technology opportunities.

Education is supported by our peer introduction/networking service, saving you long hours of trawling the exhibition stands hunting down new connections.

  • Technology trends data and emerging market opportunities

yet2’s role as a client advisor and marketplace broker means we have an incredible vantage point right at the center of the F500 open innovation global marketplace.

We share the trends we see and emerging market opportunities in private briefings with our Strategic DealFlow members.


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