yet2’s clients are practicing entities seeking to add individual patents and patent portfolios on a defensive basis. 

They recognize that there are many patents held by others that could benefit their ongoing business strategy for a variety of reasons, including creating freedom to practice for future product deployments, market positioning vis-à-vis competition, enhancing ongoing licensing programs and seeking leverage in patent litigation.

yet2 assists clients on several aspects of building a patent acquisition program, including identifying target patents, monitoring market activity, filtering patents for transact ability and advising on direct patent purchases.

Our proprietary patent scoring algorithm speeds both our evaluation of portfolios and our clients’ prioritization of available portfolios. We have worked with many clients in mining target interest areas for valuable patents that both meet our clients’ needs and are available for purchase.

Our database of patent assignments enables us to efficiently monitor transactions made by both competitors and non-practicing entities (NPEs).

We work with clients to develop quarterly tracking reports that bring significant value to our clients’ patent and business strategy. When advising on direct patent purchases, yet2 serves as a confidential agent, providing advice and guidance throughout the entire process.

Having worked with clients on many patent purchases, we can provide business advice on how to approach patent owners, negotiation advice on both pricing and purchase agreement terms, and transaction completion.

Our experience enables us to conduct anonymous transactions on behalf of our clients, for those times when privacy and discretion are paramount. Our approach has proven to deliver substantial value versus when companies negotiate directly with the target seller.