yet2 understand that people remain the single most important factor in any Open Innovation transaction, and meeting people face to face early on is proven to increase opportunities for deals.  This is why we developed the Virtual Hub and Innovation Tour program.

Innovation Tours

These services leverage yet2’s global technology and ventures networks to support companies looking for a local regular presence (Virtual Hub) or intermittent access (Innovation Tour) to a particular technology hot spot without the need for a physical office presence in that location.

yet2 works with local networks and target companies to investigate the most innovative and relevant technology an area has to offer, building a database of opportunities across different sectors.

We then work with different clients to prepare dedicated long or short term programs in their specific topics of interest, refining and deepening the target knowledge specific to each client need.

During the Innovation Tours clients get to meet 10-15 of the most promising potential partners addressing their strategic needs over 2-3 days of productive meetings.  They get to leverage yet2’s scouting & vetting expertise to find smart innovations & competitive new ideas they didn’t know otherwise. Better still yet2 does all the preparation, agenda setting, taking care of logistics and follow up actions. Innovation Tours can take place in-person, or can be virtual tours.

Examples of previous Innovation Tours include:

Virtual Hubs

Since 2013 yet2 has been managing one client’s Virtual Innovation Hub in Boston “The Boston Port”.

yet2 were approached for support in developing a regional hub in Boston, US which had been identified as a critical center for innovation and technology for their business but where they had no physical presence.

With its headquarters in Boston since 1999, yet2 was in a unique position to set up and manage their Boston hub, utilizing established networks and contacts identifying win-win partnerships for the client, building a self-sustaining network that all global business units access on a regular basis.


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