1999 – yet2 Founded

yet2 founded with investment from Venrock, 3i, Dupont, Procter & Gamble, Honeywell, Caterpillar, NTT Leasing, Bayer, and Siemens.

2000 – yet2 Marketplace

yet2 marketplace launched and full-time offices opened for business in USA, Europe and Asia.

2002 – Consultancy Services

Open innovation consultancy services launched in response to the changing landscape of the sector.

2002 – UK Publicly Listed Company

yet2 acquired by UK publicly listed company, Scipher plc, and merged with QED consultancy to provide broader patent services.

2004 – Open Innovation & Technology Transfer Services

yet2 bought back by management to focus on Open Innovation and Technology Transfer services.

2004 – The ‘TechNeed’

The ‘TechNeed’ is born. yet2 Marketplace shifts its main focus from technology out licensing to technology acquisition.

2005 – Launch of ‘TechNeed’

Launch of ‘TechNeed’ triage workshops and training program to help our clients to better identify and prioritize their technology requirements.

2006 – 'Application Search & New Business Feasibility Study'

‘Application Search & New Business Feasibility Study’ services introduced to provide even more complementary services for our clients.

2006 – Patent Acquisition

Anonymous patent acquisition practice launched, serving Fortune 500 clients.

2007 – R&D Strategy

New service for “R&D strategy” launched.

2008 – Liverpool Science Park

Europe office relocated to Liverpool Science Park, UK to be at the centre of the growing innovation sector.

2009 – ‘Patent Acquisition Membership’

‘Patent Acquisition Membership’ launched to jointly purchase IP portfolios for defensive purposes.

2009 – 100th Successful Deal

yet2 celebrates its 100th successful deal.

2010 – yet2Ventures

yet2Ventures investment fund launched and is based from our Wilmington, Delaware office.

2012 – $2 million Awarded

yet2 is awarded a $2 million open innovation contract with the State of Ohio.

2012 – Innovation Portal

yet2 launches the first corporate open innovation portal.

2012 – 150th Successful Deal

yet2 celebrates its 150th successful deal.

2013 – ‘Strategic Deal Flow’

‘Strategic Deal Flow’ service created, providing corporate clients with monthly access to well vetted, step-change technology opportunities.

2014 – ‘Boston Port & Innovation Tours’

‘Boston Port and Innovation Tours’ service launched.

2015 – yet2Ventures

yet2Ventures exceeded $50 million assets under management.

2016 – yet2Ventures Spins Out

Successful yet2Ventures spins out to Chartline Capital, operating independently of yet2's open innovation consulting services.

2017 - yet2 wins 5 year contract with NASA

yet2 wins renewal of exclusive five year contract for Scouting services.

2019 - yet2 turns 20!

yet2 celebrates our 20th year by retiring our original Marketplace in favor of login-free interactions.