Our mission is to harness Open Innovation to facilitate collaboration and bring innovation to market.

Our experienced and expert open innovation consultants work with clients to identify where they are in their Open Innovation journey and the right services needed to address their business growth objectives, whether the end goal is partnerships, licensing, IP monetization, entry into adjacent markets or keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized enterprised, and the US Government.

yet2 works with companies thinking through many different technology and business innovation challenges and helps them identify the next steps:

  1. Should Open Innovation be a strategic initiative for my company? Where do we start?
  2. My internal innovation is not generating the growth we need, could we impact growth through external collaborations?
  3. Could going external solve specific product development challenges; quicker, cheaper?
  4. We don’t know how to innovate beyond incremental existing to-existing. Where else should we go?
    1. Adjacency – what existing technology could give us access to new markets? Where do we have existing markets that need new technologies?
    2. New white space – where is our future business?
  5. Do I want to be publicly seeking new opportunities using our own supplier networks, corporate website or have anonymous brokers working on our behalf?
  6. Could going external find new applications and markets for our existing technology?
  7. What patents would support my business strategy, how do I identify and acquire them?


yet2 then provides a range of Open Innovation services to enable an organization to execute successfully against their OI strategy whether for existing, adjacent or new technology and market opportunities.

Our execution methods are high touch, collaborative and interactive enabling iterative refining of the strategic goals and even changing the direction of projects when needed.

Some of these challenges can be addressed by our highlighted services, for others yet2 provides a more bespoke service.

Review some of our service offerings in more detail or contact us directly to discuss your needs today.


Why choose yet2?

When you choose to work with yet2, you benefit from our expert knowledge of the ever evolving technology transfer buying and selling process since 1999.

Our considerable experience has made us proficient in articulating technology needs and technology value propositions for clarity and broad industry interpretation; we are experienced deal-makers who know how to ask the right questions and set the right expectations.

We understand that discretion is necessary in many cases, and can give you total anonymity when required.

Working with yet2 will broaden your network, open up new ways of thinking, and vastly increase your options. We work cross-industry to uncover the hidden gems in new technology.

Working seamlessly with your internal team, makes the process of finding new technology or market applications and executing against your OI strategy, quicker and more efficient.

yet2 strives to lead the global open innovation market and continues to redefine itself as our clients’ requirements change.

With over 20 years’ experience of successfully delivering over 10,000 introductions for our clients yet2 is your partner of choice for open innovation.