yet2’s outlicensing and business development division works with companies looking to find new markets and applications for their technology solutions.

Our extensive experience and proven methodologies in Define, Scout, Filter & Engage allows us access to a global marketplace of buyers looking to engage with new technologies.

Since 1999 we have collected insights on 1000s of technologies, how to articulate and communicate technology value propositions, understand IP dynamics and critical factors for deal success.

Our role is to assist you evaluate the potential of your technology and to introduce you to potential buyers and strategic partners.

We operate seamlessly and in partnership with your business development team, implementing our tried and tested market development strategy wherein:

  • We analyze the technology’s value proposition, development status, intellectual property, additional costs to bring to commercial scale, and barriers to implementation
  • We survey the market to develop hypotheses about potential new target markets and applications and develop target lists, including a rationale for each company’s potential interest
  • We prepare a marketing overview for the technology specific to the identified application
  • We initiate the active marketing phase, including contacting all targets, qualifying targets’ interest, conducting initial discussions, and managing interactions with you
  • Finally, we facilitate negotiations (at your direction) and set a timetable for final decisions and bidding.

yet2 brings you qualified leads and validated market opportunities from their position in the center of a true technology marketplace.