A sampling of testimonials from clients following technology scouting and open innovation engagements with yet2



Very good project kick-off meeting, set the scene very effectively for our team members who were not involved directly in planning the project. Effective, easy to understand search and results reporting strategy. The right number and frequency of progress update meetings during the search. Overall great job, congratulations and thanks to the yet2 team.

— Matthew Beard, Ipsen Bioinnovation


As it was an iterative explore type process, there were a number of cases where we had to shift focus or re-define the data that was already collected. With that in mind, the ability of Yet2 to understand the need of the shift, take on our feedback and deliver it in a meaningful way was key to our success.

— Ian Rothney, Haleon


Capacity of yet2 to hear, understand and act on our feedback (even when such feedback was vague) was much appreciated. yet2 also understood that there was some information we were not ready to share or that we had to leave some grey areas and it showed they really understand how big companies sometimes need to work.

— Thibault Magre, Mars


The work done to support our technology scanning programme at the Advanced Research Centre was outside of the usual scope and the yet2 research team demonstrated great flexibility, honesty, and delivered high quality work to address a complex challenge we posed.

— Jamie Kingsley, Weir


Project Manager and team subject-matter expertise as well as understanding of the problem has been surprisingly high and helped to generate a very meaningful list of targets. The presentation and discussion of opportunities has been very well prepared and executed.

— Ralf Eckert, Leica Biosystems


Above and beyond: we were very impressed with the breadth of scouting/landscape performed by yet2, especially as it related to native language scouting.

— Carl Littrell, PepsiCo


The flexibility of the research & the reporting style (adding in the matrix of different technologies & commercial availability etc) that the team offered us was well above my expectations & really helped us to tailor the work to our needs internally at the time.

— Bradley Eels, Nomad


[yet2’s] effort to interview company’s people to get more info that aren’t available on websites was impressive.

— Prati Sharma, Woodside


We work with very specific products in a very specific niche of the industry, which we thought we already knew many players. However, in the course of the collaboration, we gained some new and promising insights and learned about new technologies and institutions. In my opinion, this was only possible because of the excellent technical understanding of the yet2 team and their efficient and structured work.

— Anonymous, Global Chemicals & Materials Company


As always the yet2 team went above and beyond. Great flexibility in tailoring scouting activities based on changing needs (as more knowledge on the landscape was gain during the course of the project), high professionalism shown and excellent knowledge transfer on the broader landscape, which was critical to understanding potential opportunities/synergies in line with industry/business needs & strategic goals

— Anonymous, Global Personal Care Company


yet2 customized their search to meet our needs and were able to help us answer a specific question that we would have had trouble answering on our own. [The yet2] team came up to speed on the niche technology we are interested in and were responsive, detail-oriented, and perhaps most importantly, fun to work with!

— Anonymous, Government Agency


Methods were identified whose technology was completely new to us. I did not expect this great outcome.

— Anonymous, Global Life Sciences Company