yet2 provides short term topic specific scouting focused on finding the right solution to solve timely challenges with specific requirements.

Combining proven scouting tools and experience we are able to scour the global technology market, carefully sifting and refining our search results to bring our clients the best options from the global landscape of opportunities, through a topic specific search.

Our expert vetting process ensures that before we present a technology or company to our clients it has been thoroughly reviewed, the fit to the need is clearly articulated, ready for your consideration. Bringing you real opportunities to do deals.

yet2 understands the nuances and differences of how large and small companies do business including the time-frames and internal hurdles which can often derail deals.

With deep understanding of our clients’ projects and the technology solution provider landscape, yet2 can set the correct expectations for future engagement between the client and technology provider. Building the right basis for future partnerships.

Some of our recent Topic Specific Projects have included:

  • Identification of an alternative to silver as microorganism protections, 5 targets were accepted by the client as highly interesting and detailed evaluations and deal negotiation is progressing with one.
  • A global B2C company was seeking a way to immediately and permanently seal puncture holes in pressurized elastomeric and rubber bladders. 30 solutions (and pathways to solutions) where found. Of those, yet2 and client held technical phone meetings with four and second meetings with two. Client has agreed to fund development work
  • Smart packaging technologies that can engage a teenage audience in innovative ways. 4 companies presented in a pitch day, 1 under evaluation for potential $50,000 pilot
  • Cleaning components not efficient enough and non-stable in high temperature environments. what commercially available components/chemicals currently used in other industries can provide enhanced cleanliness? 150 samples acquired anonymously on clients’ behalf for testing

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