Case Studies

Kobayashi Secures Six Joint Research Agreements

Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals partners with 6 submitters through their Open Innovation portal

Scouting for Contract Manufacturing Organizations

yet2 clients use scouting to identify CMOs

Nomad Foods Partners with BlueNalu

yet2 uses Topic Specific Scouting to help Nomad Foods forge a deal to collaborate with BlueNalu on bringing cell-cultured seafood to Europe

Pitch Day Challenge Case Study

Identify diverse minority-owned NA-based beauty and personal care suppliers


NOAA’s Recent Tech Search Aims to Aid North Atlantic Right Whale Recovery

Public Safety

NIST engaged yet2 to identify drone technology to support first responder missions


Finding Game Changing Innovations

Retail Marketing


Technology Scouting


Technology Scouting

Personal Care

Technology Scouting

Food/Digital Marketing

Technology Scouting