Nomad Foods Partners with BlueNalu-Imnage of fried fish

Nomad Foods, a leading European frozen food company, approached yet2 in 2020 for help identifying novel technologies and proteins to develop a more sustainable seafood product. The topic, scope, and desired timeline to a solution was a perfect fit for yet2’s Topic Specific Scouting Service.


  • yet2 used their 8 Global Scouting Channels to review alternative white fish products currently on the market, novel protein suppliers, and platform technologies.
  • yet2’s cross-geography project team discovered 87 potential solution providers. Using yet2’s proprietary filtering and prioritization methodologies, the yet2 team interviewed leading targets anonymously on Nomad Foods’ behalf and presented 29 key targets to Nomad.
  • Working together, Nomad and yet2 identified 7 highly interesting possibilities, and yet2 facilitated introduction calls and acquired samples for Nomad Foods to test. The Top 7 were selected due to their protein content, neutral color, and sustainable and scalable manufacturing processes.
  • yet2 scouting found BlueNalu, a pioneer in using cellular aquaculture (e.g. “lab-grown fish”) to isolate living cells from fish, culture them, then assemble into fresh and frozen seafood products. BlueNalu, with their differentiated technology and products, was selected by the Nomad Foods team as their leading candidate.
  • yet2 employed their Intro2Deal methodology to facilitate introductions, NDAs, and a joint workshop to explore collaboration opportunities. The yet2 team facilitated conversations and advised best practices to help both sides overcome potential hurdles to keep momentum moving forward.


Nomad Foods and BlueNalu announced a collaboration in September 2021 to “conduct market research, identify consumer insights, assess regulatory requirements, and explore new business and product opportunities that would be unlocked by the introduction of cell-cultured seafood throughout Europe.”


Read more about the partnership on Bloomberg.

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