The Challenge:

  • Identify diverse minority-owned NA based beauty and personal care suppliers to expand an ecosystem in product development, R&D, and contract manufacturing. Help client redesign project strategy to greatly increase chances of valuable project outcome.  Interactively with key client stakeholders, define specific R&D and Procurement briefs to again increase chances of valuable outcomes.
  • Find, filter, prioritize and facilitate highly interesting candidate companies for in-person client Personal Care Pitch Day. 
  • Facilitate evaluations and deal discussions with most promising presenters.


yet2 Value:

  • yet2 scout, vet, and present a number of relevant candidates with experience and capabilities necessary to fulfill stakeholder briefs.
  • yet2 collects sufficient information from top candidates to enable client team and key stakeholders to choose the final 5 Pitch Day participants.
  • yet2 executes Pitch Day preparations.

Coaches candidates in preparation

If in-person, Travel/Logistical assistance tailored to need

  • yet2 conducts the Pitch Day and debrief with client decision-makers.
  • yet2 facilitates next steps with the ‘winning’ candidates (eg. qualifying, NDA’s, customized samples testing, initial due diligence, etc.).
  • Within one week of Pitch Day, 4 candidates were negotiating CDAs on 8 specific project opportunities.



Candidates identified by yet2 42
Candidates interviewed by yet2 31
Candidates presented to client 25
Candidates presenting at Pitch Day 5
Candidates’ opportunities moving forward 9
Candidates now planning NMSDC qualification (yet2-sourced) 3
Candidates procurement qualified TBD
#of Deals (potential) 4 – 8



4 of 5 candidates emerged as high interest “lead candidates” (moving to confidential due diligence)