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Green Bubbles—Polysaccharide Sources


A yet2 client is seeking suppliers and technologies for the production of a polysaccharide from sustainable sources other than from offshore harvesting.

The polysaccharide in scope is widely used across a range of products in many industries, e.g., Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, and Cosmetics. This has created an unsustainable demand for the polysaccharide. Therefore, sustainable technologies that have the potential to grow sea- or land-based plants or alternatively directly produce the polysaccharide are of interest.


  • Solutions should not be situated offshore.
  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food grade potential.
  • Technology should be scalable to industrial levels.


Possible Solution Areas

  • Onshore sustainable sea- or land-based plant farming, including vertical farming.
  • Algal biotechnology/bioreactors
  • Bacterial / Fungal Fermentation
  • Other molecules with similar functions


Desired outcome of the solution

Our client is open to a wide range of partnerships including academic researchers, experts/consultants, start-ups, and established businesses.

Related Tech Needs


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