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Seeking: Biological Approaches to Solidify Saturated Soils Bubbling mudA yet2 client is seeking approaches to aid in the handling of large volumes of slurry-like materials like saturated soils by solidifying and binding particles, desaturating it to produce a product that is much easier to handle and store.

Guidelines and Constraints

  • Biological approaches often has issues of activation and inactivation of bacteria, so anything shown to overcome this challenge will be highly valued
  • Solution must either cause cementation of material or modify the viscosity in some way to improve handleability
  • This organization is open to hearing non-biological approaches, but the primary focus is on biological approaches
  • Any approaches that reduce presence of harmful contaminants may also be of interest

Possible Solution Areas

  • Bio-grout
  • Self-healing concrete
  • Soil improvement
  • Tailings stabilisation
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Bio chemical Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) mitigation
  • Bio-engineered bacteria
  • Bio-cementation

Desired Outcome of the Solution

  • Improved understanding of the landscape of biological approaches to solidify slurries
  • Understanding of the current state of the art of activation/termination mechanisms of bacteria

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Photo Credit: Simon from Pixabay

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