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Seeking: Bio-based Alternatives to Asphalt Image of a flower growing out of an asphalt crack

A yet2 client seeks bio-based materials with potential to be used as an asphalt alternative in construction applications. Materials should not come from a petroleum source and should work as a durable binding agent whilst withstanding varied environmental conditions.


Materials should provide some (if not all) of the below properties:

  • Water-shedding
  • Malleable before setting
  • Provide adhesion and setting when cooled
  • Inert up to ~ 93°C/200°F when set/hardened


Materials will ideally:

  • Contain a high percentage of material sourced from organic matter. However, other recycled/reclaimed materials and those with lower bio-based composition will be considered.
  • Have a path to scale to industrial levels.


Possible Solution Areas

Include but are not limited to

Bio-sourced materials e.g. sugarcane waste, tall oils, cashew nut oils, lignin etc.


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Seeking promising asphalt alternative technologies with samples to test with a view to potential future engagement.


Related Tech Needs

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Photo Credit: René Schindler from Pixabay

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