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Seeking: Novel Biobased Polymers-Image of runners legs and shoes running towards the left

A yet2 client seeks a novel bio-based polymer to incorporate into a product to enter the market by 2025 – 2026. The polymer feedstock must not be sourced from first-generation sugars (e.g., sugar cane, corn, and rice among others).


Current polymers are primarily petroleum-based with low contributions from bio-based materials.  There is a growing need to expand polymer materials to include more sustainable options.  These alternative polymers with a high fraction of bio-based content must have similar mechanical properties to current solutions.


Materials will:

  • Be greater than 90% bio-based
  • Be less than 95 Shore A hardness
  • Have an elastomeric behavior
  • Be sourced from feedstocks not in direct competition with the food chain (e.g., algae, CO2, recycled materials, and bacterial feedstocks amongst others)


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Our client is looking to work with a partner to initially obtain samples and create prototypes.  Our client is also open to nascent technologies that may not currently be at mass production and eventually enter into a joint development phase to bring the technology to the market.

Field of Use and Intended Applications


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