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Unilever is seeking new technologies that can significantly improve the quality of post-consumer recycled plastic that comes from mechanical recycling processes. The aim is to overcome the current restrictions in use of PCR, to enable more extensive use of these materials, across a broader portfolio of packaging formats.


Main Requirements

  • Improved material purity (eg no PP in an HDPE stream)
  • Improved odour control
  • Improved colour and consistency
  • Improved functional properties in use
  • Improved processing during conversion

Desired Outcome

  • Inclusion of post-consumer recycled plastic at high levels into plastic packaging of all types (eg bottles, caps, tubs, lids, pouches, sachets etc) whilst ensuring a good quality experience for consumers, with no compromise.
  • We are open to the following types of engagement: sponsored research for development and proof of concept testing, consultation, licensing existing technology for Unilever to apply, purchase commercial ready solution, open to any, etc..


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