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Aerial shot of a crop field

PepsiCo’s Positive Agriculture goals aims to make a positive difference to the way we grow our crops.  Sustainable crop production starts with healthy soils. The aim of this project is to identify and validate remote sensing technologies which can be used to monitor soil health improvements over time and to track the impact of the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices.

Specifically, we want to achieve the following:

  • Establish proof of concept that the selected technology can monitor soil health, soil carbon, soil water capacity and greenhouse gas emissions, specific metrics including:
    • Crop cover
    • CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions
    • Soil organic matter
    • Soil organic carbon
    • Soil compaction
    • C:N ratio
    • Soil hydraulic properties
    • Soil moisture and evapotranspiration
    • Soil erosion
    • Eutrophication
  • Determine efficacy of the technology at individual field scale
  • Determine ability of technology to track change over time to quantify impact of regenerative agriculture practices on soil health for PepsiCo’s core crops.


Solution Requirements


  • Resolution to make field-level assessments
  • Capability to identify crops
  • Remote sensing algorithms based on robust scientific principles and validated using observed data
  • Technology readiness – commercial
  • Can be built as a collaboration with more than one company to capture all of the metrics as it’s unlikely to find one company that can measure them all. Willing to receive proposals from companies who only target one, or a few, of the metrics.


  • Model water, carbon and energy balance


 Preferred Collaboration Types

Collaboration types are to be negotiated.


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Photo Credit: Mohit Kumar on Unsplash

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