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PepsiCo Seeking: Food Packaging Reuse Models & Platforms-image depicting a tree in a broken glass sphere

yet2 is supporting PepsiCo, the multinational food, snack, and beverage company, in their search for platform, service, and technology providers that can enable a packaging return and reuse program that is scalable and suitable for consumer-directed food and beverages. Also to be considered are platforms, models, and technologies that support the circular economy by allowing consumers to “refill on-the-go”.

Scope and Details

Emphasis is on circular food packaging reuse systems and approaches that enable consumers to return the packaging either from their own home (“Return from Home”), or from convenient drop-off points (“Return On-the-Go”) to be cleaned and put back into circulation for the same or similar purpose by the provider of the packaged goods. In addition to commercially established platforms and operational services in this category, technologies that enable such systems (“partial solutions”) are also of interest. Models based on “refilling on-the-go”, where the consumer can refill the packaging with the same or similar product in a store or other convenient  central location rather than simply returning the original packaging, are of secondary interest. “Refill at Home” models, where refill capsules, cartridges, sachets, etc. are shipped directly to customers to be “decanted” into original packaging are NOT in scope. Across all categories of interest, the focus is on low-cost food packaging that is suitable for food and/or beverages, though packaging reuse programs and models that are currently addressing other products, like cleaning and personal care products, will be considered.

Know of a Relevant Technology and Company?

If you would like to submit an innovative platform/service/technology and associated company to be considered by our client for partnership, please contact Daniel Soltan at yet2 (dsoltan@yet2.com). Please include with your submission the following notes:

  • Brief description of the innovative platform/service/technology
  • What sets it apart from alternatives and incumbents
  • Name and brief description of the associated company or IP holder


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