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PepsiCo seeks new technologies that connect consumers to their products with interactive, informative or personalized packaging.

Connected Packaging

  • Augment packaging as a means to exchange information between consumer (or customer) and PepsiCo
    • Product information
      • Ingredient traceability
      • Recycling assistance or data on bottle history / environmental information
      • Story of the bottle
      • Usage suggestions
      • Product claims
    • Consumption behavior
      • Where, when, how products are consumed
  • Use technology to create a more personalized and interactive experience for the consumer
    • Enhanced sensorial experiences
    • Entertainment / gamification
    • Customized experiences

Key Success Criteria


  • Compliant with food safety regulations or line to sight to compliance
  • Ease of use by consumers (e.g. cellphone software / platforms)
  • Freedom to operate/IP
  • Protection of shared information
  • Durability – material technologies should be able to withstand the manufacturing process, warehousing, and distribution (or line of sight).
  • Recyclability / Environmental Impact
  • Retention of product freshness
  • Mix of solutions executable in short-term (<18 months) and long-term (<5 years)
  • Line of sight to commercial scalability
  • Scalable on commercially available assets


  • Compatible with existing supply chain and manufacturing capability
  • Direct to consumer (e-Commerce) focused solutions
  • Low unit cost and capital investment
  • Ease of production
  • Simplification of advanced technologies (e.g. Gatorade sweat patch)


Past work and Out of Scope List

Technologies that have been previously investigated would only have interest if a significant advancement has been made beyond PepsiCo’s knowledge.  Many of these technologies have been marked as “banned” because PepsiCo is familiar with them and/or has studied previously.

Preferred Collaboration Types

To be advised.

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