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A yet2 client is seeking suppliers and/or technologies who can provide one or a range of chemicals where the sources are derived from a sustainable origin material/feedstock. The desired chemical should ideally consist of carbon and hydrogen only, although oxygenated molecules will be considered. The sustainable/green chemicals will be an alternative to current specific fossil-based hydrocarbons (see example list below).

Potential Solutions:

Potential sustainable/renewable feedstocks and approaches could include:

  • Bio-based chemicals – non-food crops (2nd generation), examples can include but should not be limited to agricultural or forestry residues or waste, algae, lignocellulosic biomass (including sustainable forest biomass).
  • Biocomponents from food crops can be regarded as a sustainable component only if they have already fulfilled their food purpose (e.g. waste vegetable oil)
  • Novel extraction/conversion platform technology
  • Bio-refinery / Bio-foundry
  • Synthetic Biology / biotechnology


All of the above may need an additional step (e.g., hydrotreatment) to produce hydrocarbons.

Example Alternative Hydrocarbons/chemical families include:

List of types of chemicals ranging between C3 – C12

  • Naphthenates <C8
  • Mixed Aromatics
  • Alcohols C3 to C5
  • Branched paraffins <C12
  • Olefins <C10
  • Highly branched paraffins



Components must:

  • Be derived from a sustainable/renewable feedstock
  • Be commercially available or have the potential to be supplied in such quantities in the near term <2yrs.
  • Be liquid at ambient conditions and have a boiling point below 200°C.


Desired outcome of the solution:

Looking for partners to manufacture and/or supply sustainably made chemicals in the long term.

Related Tech Needs:


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