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Our client is seeking methods and technologies to reduce the CO2 emissions directly caused by their delivery supply chain, operations and supporting infrastructure.


Our client is a global energy company that specializes in delivering fuel to remote off-grid locations. They have an established network of vehicles and facilities (from offices to intermediate fuel storage facilities) around the world that would benefit from emission reducing innovations. Ideal solutions will need to integrate with their existing infrastructure, while helping them to reach their sustainability goal, which is to lower their carbon emissions by 25% before 2025.


Successful solutions will need to:

  • Provide “step-change” CO2 emission reduction.
  • Have a justified benefit to cost on the daily operation of the existing supply chains.
  • Can be scaled to cover the global supply chain or that of specific regions.
  • Have the flexibility to be tailored and or retrofit to our client’s existing infrastructure.
  • Can be deployed before 2025 and/or be open to further development in partnership with our client.

Possible Solution Areas:

  • Decision Support Systems
  • Transportation and logistics emission reduction technologies
  • Smart facility technology
  • Maintenance innovations that reduce CO2 emission caused degradation.
  • Fugitive emissions reduction technology.

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