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A yet2 client is seeking technologies to tag or uniquely identify objects allowing the traceability of the object through its lifecycle. The tagged solution will be linked to the objects digital twin and should be easily applied and read by hardware.


A subsidiary of a global trading company wants to trace the life of an object from point of manufacture to customer use. The object will be made, moved to a storage site and potentially other sites throughout its life-cycle, and then onto its particular application; the tagging solution will be applied either at the manufacturing or storage site, and possibly reapplied at a later time at the storage site. Solutions with an automated application and potentially reading of tag are desired. The storage and environmental conditions experienced by the object such as rough handling and weather will vary, therefore a solution that is highly durable will be preferred.


Solutions need should have:

  • Quick and Easy attachment and reading (no heavy machinery required) at either the manufacturing or storage facility of the object
  • Solutions that can be read at a distance are preferred
  • High durability of tag and potentially reading hardware to rugged environments for long periods of time are preferred

Possible Solution Areas

Barcodes or solution to read damaged codes

Ink gun printers

RFID tagging solutions

Laser etching devices

Ruggedizing current tagging solutions

Automated camera reading solutions

Desired Outcome

Open to a variety of partnership avenues including: Supplier, collaboration, Joint development etc.

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