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Aggregating/Bonding of Network Links To Increase Bandwidth-Image of teal network nodes on a white background with larger nodes in the foreground

A yet2 client is seeking technologies and/or partners to help develop a solution capable of aggregating or bonding available network links (bearers) in a dynamic way to boost capacity and allow for high priority information to flow.


The client is looking to deploy this solution within their area of operation, this is often made-up of communication links with varying quality and bandwidth and singly they would perhaps not be able to support the bandwidth required for a high importance information flow.

The client currently has Mobile AdHoc Networking (MANET) technology that can evaluate and measure the performance of communication links and then prioritize and route traffic appropriately, but information flows are associated to a single communication link in this solution.

There is a desire to look at how the client can combine commercial link aggregation technology with their MANET technology to provide a dynamic link aggregation capable of delivering large packets of information and meet critical operational demand. The new product will enhance the current MANET routing capability intended to provide their customers with the best network services in fast changing environments.

The primary target customer group is military tactical vehicles, whether from the air, land, or maritime domains, although the technology can also be effectively used in static or semi-static situations where network links are variable in capacity and availability.

Key Requirements


  • Implementation of link bonding technology
  • Provide metrics from the bonded links



  • Meets an industry standard e.g. IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic link aggregation
  • Work with a wide range of links, with a range of performance characteristics and capabilities
  • Use of FOSS if possible but no licence implications
  • Ideally, we would want to own the IPR
  • Preferably no Export Control restrictions (ITAR free)
  • At least TRL 4; demonstration of technology encouraged:

Desired Outcome of the Solution

Seeking to partner with organizations to provide link aggregation technology expertise, design, and software to integrate with our current solutions.

Possible Solution Areas

These have been listed in order of desirability:

  • Knowledge sharing of link bonding technology, assisting with requirements, design and verification.

Aggregation/Bonding of Network Links To Increase Bandwidth-Diagram of Deployment Knowledge Solution

  • Integrated software solution that provides API for integration into client solution.

Diagram of Deployment Integrated software Solution

  • Standalone software solution that provides API for integration into client solution, hosted on our platform

Diagram of Deployment Standalone Software Solution

  • Standalone software solution that provides API for integration into client solution, hosted on your platform

Diagram of Deployment Standalone Hardware Solution


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Photo Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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