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Seeking: Copackaged integrated circuits for optical transceivers-Image of a circuit board

An optical devices manufacturer seeks new ICs (Driver/TIA) and Interposer to enable optical transmission in co-packaged optics for data switching.


Current optical transceivers are front panel pluggable modules. As data speeds increase, it is increasingly important to shorten the electric transmission line length by placing the optical transceiver closer to the switch ASIC.

The Co-Packaged Optics (CPO) collaboration is working to standardize the co-package structure, and many methods are being discussed to miniaturize and integrate the transceiver for co-packaging.

There are many technical challenges to achieving CPO. The main challenge is to reduce the power consumption of the IC chips such as Driver/TIA which are components of the CPO. Furthermore, the method of IC chip mounting requires 2.5D packaging, which requires TSV fabrication of Si Photonics photonic integrated circuit (SiPh PIC) and interposer technologies.


The IC being sought will have the following characteristics:

  • Low power Driver/TIA ICs
    • 0W/λ(4ch)@96GBaud, 4.0W/λ(4ch)@128Gbaud for coherent
    • 150mW/ch@56GBaud NRZ, 300mW/ch@56GBaud PAM4 for VCSEL
  • Narrow pitch TSV less than 0.1mm on 0.1~0.15 mm or 4 mm thick fabricated silicon on insulator substrate
  • Availability of Process Design Kit (PDK) of through-silicon via (TSV) for Si-photonics integrated circuits
  • 4mm depth cavity processing for Si Photonics photonic integrated circuit with optical fiber edge coupling on Si/Glass interposer
  • 5D chip-mount technology using TSV-SiPh chips


Possible Solution Areas

  • Commercially available ICs
  • Custom design of an IC
  • EMS company which can manufacture CPO using 2.5D chip-mount technology

Desired Outcome of the Solution

An IC for optical transceivers that meets the above specifications


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