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Seeking: Improving solder joints and solder-bonded chips, blue and white illustrated image of a circuit board traces and masks

An optical devices manufacturer seeks to improve the reliability of flip chip soldered components by increasing the reliability of solder joints and solder-bonded chips.


In order to meet increasing worldwide demand for large amounts of data transmission, it is essential to densely integrate optical functional devices that process large capacity and high-speed optical signals.

Silicon photonics is a key technology that creates fine optical waveguide structures in silicon and integrates devices with various functions into one small chip. This makes it possible to achieve ultra-miniaturization and low power consumption in high-speed optical devices.

In silicon photonics, optical amplification and laser diodes are key technical capabilities, because it is not possible to achieve this in silicon-based material. Therefore, a new integrated silicon photonic chip on which III-V compound semiconductors are flip-chip bonded is expected to be a technological breakthrough.


Partner will have experience in:

  • III-V compound semiconductors such as optical amplifiers and laser beam generators (semiconductor optical amplifiers, laser diodes, photo diode, and so on)
  • Die bonding on silicon mounting substrate (or carrier) with AuSn bump formed thereon
  • Failure analysis and improving the conditions of bump junctions of III-V compound semiconductors such as lasers and semiconductor optical amplifiers.


Solution will have the following capability:

  • Optimization of bump structure and bonding conditions suitable for mass production
  • Sufficient reliability testing to ensure long-term reliability of bump junction and III-V compound semiconductors which are flip-chip bonded on silicon chips


Possible Solution Areas

  • EMS company focusing on optical device products such as semiconductor lasers
  • Equipment manufacturers of high-precision flip-chip bonders
  • MEMS foundry


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Partnership/collaboration opportunities with organizations/companies having improved solder joint and solder-bonded technologies who specialize in development and mass production.


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