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Seeking: High Frequency Test for Optical Communications Devices

yet2 is supporting an optical devices manufacturer that is looking to adopt more efficient testing technologies for its optical component businesses.  This client is seeking technologies and equipment that can reduce the cost, improve the accuracy, and/or decrease the test time of testing the high frequency properties of optical communication devices. In particular, this client is interested in testing the “S21” and “ S11” properties of optical communication devices from DC to High frequency range (~100GHz).


In general, “high frequency testing” for optical devices is costly, requires long test time, and is difficult to perform with accuracy.  Additionally, for higher baud rate applications, these problems become more pronounced.


This client is seeking to improve their current testing capabilities and process, specifically for testing the “S21” and “ S11” properties of optical communication devices from DC to High frequency range (~100GHz).

Additionally, solutions of interest must:

  • Have a “setting system” with which any worker can set DUT easily
  • Have sufficient impedance accuracy when DUT is set
  • Have automatic calibration system to maintain high accuracy
  • Be structured to allow easy repair/maintenance

The benchmark system upon which they wish to improve is the commonly used network analyzer and light wave component analyzer equipment.

Desired Outcome of the Solution

This client is prioritizing potential partners who can make and provide test equipment for these purposes, and have established commercial operations to do so. They are open to potential solutions from companies with experience/technologies in optical communication device testing, semiconductor testing, and/or wireless device testing.

Know of a Relevant Technology and Company?

If you would like to submit an innovative technology and associated company to be considered by our client for partnership, please contact Daniel Soltan at yet2 (dsoltan@yet2.com). Please include with your submission the following notes:

  • Brief description of the innovative technology
  • Name and brief description of the associated company


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