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Seeking: Technologies to Improve Flip-Chip Bonding Accuracy: Image of an abstract blue and white background with an overlaid diagram of the flip chip bonding process.

An optical devices manufacturer seeks to improve the accuracy and reliability of flip chip soldered components.


In order to meet increasing worldwide demand for large amounts of data transmission, it is essential to densely integrate optical functional devices that process large capacity and high-speed optical signals.

Silicon photonics is a key technology that creates fine optical waveguide structures in silicon and integrates devices with various functions into one small chip. This makes it possible to achieve ultra-miniaturization and low power consumption in high-speed optical devices.

In silicon photonics, optical amplification and laser diodes are key technical capabilities, because it is not possible to achieve this in silicon-based material. Therefore, a new integrated silicon photonic chip on which III-V compound semiconductors are flip-chip bonded is expected to be a technological breakthrough.


Partner will have experience in:

  • III-V compound semiconductors such as optical amplifiers and laser beam generators (semiconductor optical amplifiers, laser diodes, photo diode, and so on)
  • Die bonding on silicon mounting substrate (or carrier) with AuSn bump formed thereon
  • Failure analysis and improving the conditions of bump junctions of III-V compound semiconductors such as lasers and semiconductor optical amplifiers.


Solution will have the following capability:

  • Optimization of bump structure and bonding conditions suitable for mass production
  • Sufficient reliability testing to ensure long-term reliability of bump junction and III-V compound semiconductors which are flip-chip bonded on silicon chips


Possible Solution Areas

  • EMS company focusing on optical device products such as semiconductor lasers
  • Equipment manufacturers of high-precision flip-chip bonders
  • MEMS foundry


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Partnership/collaboration opportunities with organizations/companies having such technologies and specialized in development and mass production.


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