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Seeking: Centralized Processing of High-Bandwidth Data-Image of llight streams converging on a single point

yet2’s client is seeking technologies and techniques that would enable off-site centralized processing of high-bandwidth analogue data received to a specific location. To do this would require efficient compression/conversion algorithms to support the high bandwidth, innovative signal processing techniques, or some combination of approaches.


This client has multiple stations that receive very high-bandwidth analogue data that currently must be processed on-site. There would be benefits to space utilization, energy usage, and complexity of routing, if there was a centralized processing unit across multiple stations. Therefore this client is seeking technologies that would enable centralized signal processing at one site, currently not possible due to the high bandwidth of the data. Potential approaches could be signal processing, compression, conversion, or error correction.


Solutions Must:

  • Support range of bandwidths – L-band signals (850MHz to 2150/2450MHz) and wide bandwidths up to 5 GHz
  • Support duplex communications
  • Built-in Ka-band interface (24-44 GHz)


There is a strong preference for a technically mature solution that has already been proven and implemented for this application. However, yet2’s client is still interested in hearing from organizations that are currently developing centralized processing systems for high-bandwidth data.

Desired Outcome of the Solution

Seeking to partner with an organization with a close to market system for integration.



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