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Seeking: AI-Based Maritime Surveillance System-Image of Hong Kong harbor connected by datalinks

yet2’s client is seeking AI-based solutions to integrate with their maritime surveillance system to automatically detect abnormal vessel behavior and provide actionable intelligence and operational information. Solutions should be able to process coastal radar tracks, AIS tracks, and vessel database information in real time, and notify the maritime operator when abnormal behavior/maritime coastal threats are detected alongside an associated report.


Security and safety threats at sea include (but are not limited to) piracy, illegal immigration, smuggling, marine pollution, illegal fishing, ship collision, maritime terrorism, arms and drugs trafficking. Currently data processing is mainly based on AIS data. However, AIS is not fully reliable as it can can be turned off or jam. Therefore yet2’s client is seeking to identify AI-based solutions that can process coastal radar data to detect these illegal activities and notify their surveillance system.


Solutions Must

  • Automatically detect vessels abnormal behavior in real time.
  • Process datatypes such as coastal radar. Not just AIS data.
  • Provide a push notification alert to the maritime surveillance system when abnormal behavior is detected, rather than the surveillance system having to interact with the system periodically to pull data.

Solutions Should

  • Ideally, identify and classify abnormal behavior occurring.
  • Be a modular and plug and play system.
  • Provide visual alerts and be easily integrable into the traffic image of a maritime surveillance system.

There is a strong preference for a technically mature solution. However, yet2’s client is still interested in learning about organizations that have previously used AI for real-time vessel monitoring using coastal radar data.

Desired Outcome of the Solution

Seeking to partner with an organization with a close to market AI-based system for integration into their surveillance system.

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