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A yet2 client seeks advances in electromagnetic sensor technology for impurity and waste detection in a liquid within extreme environments. Advances may include complete electromagnetic systems for these extreme environments, or hardware/software components that improve suitability of sensors for industrial processes that are exposed to extreme heat, environmental factors such as smoke and dust, and have limited digital connectivity.


Electromagnetic sensors are used within a variety of industrial processes to detect changes in materials which in turn inform internal systems and processes. We are seeking new technologies to enable the development of next generation electromagnetic sensing and improve overall business capabilities and efficiency.

Solutions Will

  • Be subject to extended duration in extreme temperature while operating.
  • Operate in adverse environmental conditions i.e., in the presence of smoke, dust, darkness.


Possible Advancements

  • Improved accuracy and response times
  • Continuous measurement
  • Wireless sensing with improved signal reliability
  • Data retrieval, representation, and analytics


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Identification of late-stage innovations for production partnership and joint development.


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Photo Credit: Engin Akyurt from Pixabay & Magnet by Dan Vo from NounProject.com

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