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PepsiCo is seeking applicants for its fifth PepsiCo Greenhouse Accelerator program, a collaborative innovation initiative designed to support breakthrough innovations and technologies in the food and beverage industry.


PepsiCo has issued an open call through December 7, 2020, seeking up to 10 start-ups whose businesses are changing the the way consumers approach their personal wellness and the health of their families.

The 2020-2021 Greenhouse Accelerator program seeks to collaborate with companies with clinically proven research behind ingredients, technologies, devices or services that supports health management and personal wellness.  For more information, click https://greenhouseaccelerator.com/

As part of the Greenhouse Accelerator program, up to 10 selected start-ups are granted $20,000 in funding and will participate in a six-month mentorship program designed to accelerate growth. The program includes personalized business optimization with experts across PepsiCo functions such as Research & Development, Nutrition Science, Supply Chain Management and Business Development, to help address critical early-stage business operations like Science & Regulatory, Financial Management and Business Model Formation. Guidance on product optimization & development, procurement, customer acquisition and go-to-market strategy will also be provided.

At the end of the program, one start-up will be awarded an additional $100,000 in funding to continue its expansion, and an opportunity to continue partnering with PepsiCo to further their growth.

Key Qualifications for Consideration:

  • Ingredient and product qualities: based on nutrient profile, potential health claims, science-based efficacy, GRAS status, clean label, cultural and lifestyle relevance, and other factors that appeal to consumers as they age
  • A clear focus on consumer health and personalized nutrition: including wellness, better-for-you foods and beverages, as well as aspects of healthy aging, such as immunology, digestive health, vitality, mobility, brain/cognition health, stress and mood management/sleep
  • Technologies and services, such as wearables and diagnostic methods to inform and enable wellness management and healthier aging lifestyles
  • Operationally viable proof of concept and available in the market today
  • Scalability of business model
  • Uniqueness in the market
  • Have a clear go-to-market strategy and plan for sustained in-market execution

Balanced gender and ethnic diversity

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