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NASA is seeking technologies and manufacturers for radiation resistant/tolerant/hardened visual displays. Solutions with relevant radiation test data or those ready to be tested are of high interest. Manufacturers capable of taking up low-volume custom co-development orders are also a priority.


One of the challenges of deep space exploration is the lack of earth’s geomagnetic field, which deflects most of the extraterrestrial radiation. As NASA looks to extended lunar presence and exploration, this cosmic radiation is known to affect the circuitry of exposed electrical devices. The effects of radiation from protons and heavy ions include slower long-term degradation or Single Event Effects (SEEs) that may cause malfunctions and miscommunication, particularly on visual display devices. These display devices may be used for a wide range of applications inside or outside of lunar habitats, space exploration vehicles, and space suits. As they are crucial for astronaut communication and safety, these displays will need to withstand the effects of cosmic radiation with a high degree of durability and reliability.


NASA is seeking both technologies to protect components, as well as custom display manufacturers. Organizations that can provide both are ideal, but not required.

Technology constraints:

  • Proven efficacy – ideally some testing data to show efficacy in radiation environs to the order of 5 – 10krads (Si) per year
  • Long lifetime – maintenance-free for a minimum of 30 days (ideally 10+ years)
  • Development Stage at least beyond concept validation and prototyping
  • Touch interface is of interest


Manufacturing partner constraints:

  • Accommodate low order volumes
  • Display Size of about 15 – 27 inches diagonally
  • Development Stage at least beyond concept validation and prototyping
  • Able to incorporate elements of radiation protection


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Electrochromic Displays with e-ink
  • OLED Displays
  • LCD Displays
  • Coatings
  • Active shielding for small devices
  • Nuclear radiation protection
  • Novel display technologies


Desired outcome of the solution:

Manufacturing of custom displays that can incorporate radiation protection technologies in displays at low volumes.

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