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NASA Seeking: Automated Medical Inventory System-Image of The SpaceX Dragon Capsule and icons of attributes related to this tech need, such as medication, ai, inventory management, etc.

The Exploration Medical Integrated Product Team (XMIPT) at NASA is scoping out a new medical inventory system for use on future exploration missions. The goal of the system is to automate the recording of the medical inventory across multiple vehicles and habitats during space flight. This includes the tracking of medication, medical devices and other medical equipment on board.


Currently, NASA relies on manual efforts to manage and maintain the medical inventory system on the International Space Station. When an equipment or medication is used, it requires a crew member to manually notify the ground operational teams to update the database. As time goes by, the database may become less accurate if someone fails to report the inventory correctly. ​​The ability to maintain an accurate inventory becomes more critical for future long duration missions where resupply opportunities will be more limited.

To address the problem, XMIPT is seeking novel hardware and software solutions for determining the quantity and availability of medical system devices and consumables within a spaceflight vehicle or habitat with minimal crew interaction.


The Medical Inventory System Should

  • Be highly automated with minimized manual interaction
  • Detect and report the quantity of a broad range of equipment and medications with high accuracy
  • Easy for crew and ground teams to use
  • Solutions that are commercially available or near commercial availability are preferred but not essential
  • Easy to integrate with internal or external database containing device and consumable specific information


Possible Solution Areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Supply chain and Inventory Management
  • Asset Management and Tracking Software
  • Internet of things (IOT)
  • Digital Health
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • RFID
  • Computer Vision


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Image Credits

Inventory Control by ProSymbols from NounProject.com

Ai by Adrien Coquet from NounProject.com

Computer Vision by Pamela from NounProject.com

Supply Chain by LUTFI GANI AL ACHMAD from NounProject.com

Rfid by junie from NounProject.com

Pill by Jean-Philippe Cabaroc from NounProject.com

Stethoscope by Daniel Nochta from NounProject.com

Internet Of Things by Kmg Design from NounProject.com

Image of SpaceX Dragon Capsule by SpaceX-Imagery from Pixabay


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