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Seeking: Women’s Digital Health Startups-Image of a female doctor in coat with stethoscope and bright red lab coat holding an htc smartphone with both hands.

A yet2 client is seeking digital health (including femtech) solutions to address the health, well-being and unmet needs of women. Solutions may address needs such as hormonal life stages, longevity/aging, skin health, emotional, psychological and social health (e.g. stress reduction/sleep improvement), or other products and services that address gaps in a woman’s personal wellness.


Solutions could be software or a product and/or service that provides diagnostic, monitoring and/or intervention insights to women or could enable another platform to provide data-driven, personalized recommendations.  Solutions that provide a holistic view of women’s health throughout her life would be of particular interest.

Digital health solutions should have clinical/scientific data to substantiate claims. If scientific data is not available consumer/market testing results should be available.

Solutions that are invasive, related to pharmaceutical drug discovery/development or solutions with primary focus of only addressing a very specific stage of women’s health (menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy, menopause etc.) are not of interest.

Possible Solution Areas

Digital health solutions should include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring technologies such as wearables
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Telemedicine/online services
  • Personalized intervention/recommendation platforms


Related Tech Needs

Seeking: Wearables and Measuring Devices

Suntory Seeking: Personalized and Proactive Health Optimization


Photo Credit: National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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