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yet2 client is seeking fluorine resin coating materials that offer excellent durability and tenacious bond to stainless steel materials (e.g. wire-like parts). The part undergoes some deformation during subsequent processing, which the coating must be able to withstand.

Although the client has evaluated several PTFE resin coatings, none have exhibited a sufficient level of durability. The PTFE coating must have higher heat resistance than most PTFE coatings on the market. An improved coating/treatment method may also increase durability. Our client has a strong preference for a material that can be applied in a one coat process. Known PTFE resin coatings require a primer treatment; that is, a two-coat process. One-coat products with primer agent included have been found to have poor adhesion and/or do not meet durability requirements.

The client is particularly interested in PTFE resin coating processing companies to apply the coating to the stainless-steel substrate.  It is preferred that the material and the coating services come from a single provider.

Desired outcome:

Our client is open to a variety of partnership arrangements, to be discussed and defined on an individual basis.

We are open to proposals from:

  • Manufacturers/processors of PTFE/flourinated resins
  • Automotive parts or medical device manufacturers or processing service providers
  • Coating treatment companies with superior coating technology


  • Coating thickness: +/- 10 microns (may be different depending on coating material)
  • Must not include restricted substances under EU’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive
  • Ability to provide a coating material sample or a coated sample on stainless materials, provided by our client, for evaluation

Summary of need:

  • Coating on stainless steel material (wire-like parts)
  • Preference for PTFE resin
  • Coating must be able to withstand some part deformation
  • Prefers single coat process
  • Prefers FDA compliant material



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