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yet2 is supporting the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in their search for technologies and technology providers that can enable large-area, rapidly fabricated hardened surfaces to be used as airfields. We are seeking technical solutions to produce “agile airfields” able to at least temporarily support repeated heavy vehicle traffic, such as the taxiing and parking of aircraft, that make use of indigenous soil/materials, and have logistically lean deployment processes and requirements. Of interest are materials technologies (biomaterials and soil stabilization agents, for example), and process-oriented technologies that automate and/or accelerate the application and fabrication processes associated with establishing such hardened surfaces. Both commercially available and in-development technologies will be considered.

Requirements and Considerations

The ideal candidate technologies must be (1) applicable to a variety of different locales and indigenous soil types, and (2) be “logistically lean” in how they are deployed (from transportation of raw materials, to processes and equipment required to apply the solution over a large surface area). Bio-based materials are a particular category of interest. In evaluating options, this client will also be considering the following aspects, among others:

  • Bearing capacity over time
  • Durability of hardened surface to weathering and repeated, heavy vehicular traffic
  • Degradation/failure modes
  • Application process(es) and equipment
  • Toxicity and environmental-friendliness

Know of a Relevant Technology and Company?

If you would like to submit an innovative technology and associated company to be considered by our client for partnership, please contact Daniel Soltan at yet2 (dsoltan@yet2.com). Please include with your submission the following notes:

  • Brief description of the innovative technology and its current development stage
  • Specific value proposition(s) of the technology, compared to alternatives if possible
  • Name and brief description of the associated company or IP holder

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