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yet2 client seeks food/beverage ingredients that can effectively enhance endurance.


As endurance exercise can greatly reduce the risk of lifestyle-related diseases, they are interested in finding appropriate endurance enhancer(s) for food/beverage applications. Specifically, they are looking for ingredients with the following characteristics:

  1. Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max)*  improvements with clinical data.
  2. Clinical data for oxygen intake reduction during exercise (for example, materials that can improve running economy)
  3. Clinical data on increased running distance and/or improvements in running time due to improved endurance.
  4. Clinical data on improvements in ventilation work thresholds (VT), lactic acid work thresholds (LT), heart rate reduction data etc., which are physiological indicators of improved endurance.
  5. Other than 1, 2 and 3 above, improvement in exercise performance and physical fatigue with clinical data.
  6. In vivo animal data for improved endurance.


* Maximum oxygen uptake = Maximum amount of oxygen taken into the body per minute (More oxygen leads to more energy and results in better endurance.)


They are interested only in food/beverage applications (No pharma products).

Possible solution areas:

Food/beverage/healthcare industry

Desired outcome of the solution:

Your proposed solution will have been tested in food and be safe for consumption. Ideally it will be ready to be added and tested within a wide range of recipes.


Within 12 months

Field of use and intended applications:

Foods and beverages

Previously attempted solutions:




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