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yet2’s client is seeking collaborative and bespoke systems integrator partners to design and implement automated lab systems, this will include the integration of equipment from various vendors such as robotic dispensing systems as well as the ongoing maintenance and support that will be required. Due to the geographic position of where the systems will be integrated, this client is looking for partners in the India and China regions specifically.


This organization has established and run laboratory automation facilities across the UK and US, which has helped facilitate their R&D and Innovation functions. The organization is looking to expand these capabilities into facilities within their China and India divisions.

Whilst the client will be able to run the facilities themselves, strategic and collaborative external partners will be required to initially help with the designing and instrument integration of various lab automated equipment which will also include linking this to other hardware/software for example, cobot arms and autonomous guided vehicles.  The external partners will need to develop or integrate equipment that will connect to the client’s existing global data management systems and is controlled by central lab management software.

A partner that is able work collaboratively with the client, and can contribute both technically and creatively on system design is of particular interest due to the changeable nature and novelty of the materials/experiments that will be conducted.


Potential partners will require experience/knowledge in:

  • Experience integrating automated equipment and instruments to Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • SiLA2 and AnIML communication and data standards protocol
  • Development of highly flexibly workflows, where a scientist may need to change the order of steps, adjust the workflow for new samples or add in manual steps.
  • Reliability and maintenance of complex hardware and software systems
  • Strong understanding of data and cyber-security in a corporate environment
  • Safety systems and Human Factors design


Possible Solution Areas:

Example Case Study is available upon request.


Desired outcome of the solution:

Looking for collaborative partners to help build new robotic/automated lab facilities in either India or China and provide ongoing support.


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