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NASA is seeking experts to critically evaluate existing long term health metrics and provide guidance on their applicability to astronauts, using established metrics and personal experience.

The assessment will involve providing reasoning behind chosen metrics and data, evaluation criteria, and recommendations for how metrics may be evolved for space travel.



NASA is developing Probabilistic Risk Assessment tools for quantifying and analyzing crew health and risk predominantly during space flight, however consideration must also be given to health risks that occur post-flight and post-career due to astronaut’s spaceflight experiences.

Risk outcomes may include health conditions that could occur at a higher incidence rate/severity due to exposure to spaceflight hazards, or complications that occur after experiencing medical events in-flight. Experts for a diverse range of potential medical areas are required to evaluate current established metrics for their accuracy and applicability for space travel or how they could be modified.

Further information is available on request.


Possible Areas of Expertise:

  • Epidemiologists
  • Aging/biogerontology
  • Biostatistics
  • Health risk assessment
  • Occupational risk assessment


Desired outcome of the solution:

Looking for independent experts to evaluate existing long term health data and metrics in the format of a whitepaper.


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