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A yet2 client is seeking next generation lithium battery technologies with improved safety, durability, and energy efficiency over existing Lithium Ion batteries. Lithium Sulfur and Lithium Air batteries are of highest interest.


Next generation Lithium Battery technology offers a way to harness the valuable properties of Lithium while mitigating the risks currently associated with Lithium Ion batteries. These emerging chemistries, such as Lithium Sulfur, and Lithium Air might be the future of cost-effective, safe, and-high performance energy storage.


  • Must be a Lithium Sulfur (LiS or LiPS) or Lithium Air (LiO2) battery
  • Primary or secondary batteries are in scope
  • Prototype stage required with access to test data (eg. thickness, mA/cm2 current)
  • IP preferred
  • Small (consumer electronics) and medium (automotive) scale solutions are of highest interest. Grid scale is out of scope.

Possible Solution Areas: Novel approaches or improvements to the performance or efficiency of Lithium Sulfur and/or Lithium Air batteries.

Desired outcome of the solution

Looking for partners to make the technology.

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