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PTT can be made into strong, resilient, and soft fibers that hold dyes well and are stain-resistant. Global growth in this area is predicted to be strong, with applications in clothing, carpeting, automotive interiors and several others. PTT can be produced from several precursors, including PDO.

Our client, a large petrochemical company, is seeking pathways to begin commercial production of high-quality PTT.


  • Precursor production alone, without a possible integrated pathway to PTT, is not in scope except for PDO synthesis technology alone which has cost advantage compared to existing processes.
  • If the solution is PDO route, the integrated pathway to PTT must be taken into account.
  • Solution must be pilot scale and above
  • Solution must be scalable for large production volumes
  • Interest in entering the Chinese market


Possible Solution Areas

  • Chemical-based
  • Bio-based, including fermentation


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Looking for partners to develop industrial scale PTT production technology or license directly in the near term.

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