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Construction Site


This organization seeks a substitute for wood boards commonly used in construction, such as plywood or OSB, with comparable or improved physical and mechanical properties. Materials should be recyclable or have clear end-of-life sustainability considerations for reduced harm.

Solutions will have:

  • Delivered cost competitive to traditional building materials
  • Capability to manufacture 1/8” – 1/4” thickness
  • Capability to manufacture minimum 4’ wide panels
  • Nailable (can be nailed into)
  • Stiffness/rigidity similar to OSB
  • Density/weight Target: comparable to OSB or lighter, denser/heavier might be considered depending on other properties
  • Weather resistant, equal to or better than OSB
  • Possibility of fire resistance or awareness of suitable treatment


Possible Solution Areas:

Polymers, natural materials (ie bamboo, hemp, straw), wood-plastic composites (WPC), fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP), novel alternatives

Desired outcome of the solution:

Identify industrial-scale suppliers or those with a clear route to scalability.

Related Tech Needs:


Photo by Mark Potterton on Unsplash

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