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Closed: No Longer Accepting Submissions

PepsiCo Seeking: Recyclable Nitro Can Solution-Image of two cans with Nitrogen symbol in a recycling symbol

Nitro beverages are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique smooth, creamy texture. The existing widget can is currently not recycle friendly, as it contains both aluminum and plastic components. Traditional aluminum cans do not contain plastic components and are recyclable. PepsiCo is looking for a recyclable can solution to dispense/deliver a foamy/creamy beverage, with a consumer experience aligned with current nitro beverages. Solutions are not limited to widget cans or beverages infused with nitrogen.

Solution Requirements


  • Solution must be recyclable and compatible with standard beverage cans
  • Solution must deliver a consumer experience consistent with nitro beverages


Past work and Out of Scope List

  • Existing commercially available widget cans for soda or coffee
  • Any non-recyclable solution


Preferred Collaboration Types

Collaboration types are to be negotiated and PepsiCo will consider solutions from early-stage ideas to commercially ready technologies.


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Image Credit: YesMore Content on Unsplash & recycling by lipi from the Noun Project

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