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PepsiCo Seeking: Next Generation Sustainable Cooler technology for emissions reduction-Image of couple selecting drinks from a PepsiCo branded vending machine

PepsiCo seeks a creative next generation sustainable cooler that has a smaller environmental footprint to reach emission reduction goals. The project aim is to enable PepsiCo to meet the goal of cutting 40% of GHG emissions (against a 2015 baseline) by 2030 and achieve 100% net zero emissions by 2040.  At this point, PepsiCo has achieved 25% GHG reduction with current technology without compromising performance and with little impact on cost. Additionally, PepsiCo is seeking to understand emerging technologies in the cooling system space that may be ready for commercialization within 5 years. PepsiCo is open to a broad range of solutions to reduce cooler GHG emissions that can apply throughout a sustainable cooler’s lifecycle, from manufacturing through to end-of-life.

Solutions may include novel designs or the innovation of individual cooler components such as condensers, insulation, materials, heat exchangers, etc.

Key focus areas:

  • Innovative design of next generation cooler or components
  • Reduction of GHG emissions
  • Energy use reduction
  • Sustainability


Solution Requirements

Must Haves

  • Ability to cool contents quickly or at the same rate as current technology
  • Applicable to all cooler styles –front opening swinging/sliding door, top opening door, etc.
  • Cradle to grave solution – Sustainably sourced materials & technology with an environmentally sound end of life solution


Nice to Have

  • Commercial refrigeration technology
  • Technology that may be transferred to vending machines
  • Available or mature technology tested in coolers, will consider developing technology


Possible Collaboration Types

  • PepsiCo is open to a range of collaboration types

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