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PepsiCo is seeking sustainable cups, lids & straws that can be incorporated into PepsiCo’s portfolio of dispensed merchandise to provide more sustainable options for food service operators. Containers should be recyclable and/or compostable.

Solution Requirements


  • Sustainability
    • Must be either widely recyclable or BPI-/TUV-certified compostable
  • Consumer experience
    • Must be able to maintain temperature of beverages at least as well as the existing poly-coated paper cups
    • Should be easy for consumer to hold and drink out of
  • Operator experience
    • Should be easy to store (e.g. stackable)
    • Cups, lids & straws must be available in standard sizes
      • Required: 16 oz and 24 oz
      • Nice-to-have: 21 oz, 32 oz and 44 oz
    • Should be quick to assemble (speed of service)
  • Usage Occasion:
    • Must be able to accommodate both carbonated & non-carbonated beverages
    • Cups must be able to fit in standard car cup holder
  • Organoleptic Properties:
    • No adverse effect to product (appearance, taste, flavor)
  • Commercial Capabilities:
    • Must be able to produce at quantities upwards of 20,000 units annually or have a plan to scale up to this production volume within 1-2 years
    • Must have capability and willingness to print PepsiCo branding on cups
  • Durability & Handling
    • Must be able to withstand manufacturing, warehousing and distribution



  • Pricing: Price-neutral (or close) to existing cup offerings
  • LCA: If LCA (life cycle analysis) is available, should have neutral or lower carbon and water impact vs. conventional offerings
  • Versatility: Can accommodate both cold and hot beverages
  • Portability: Spill-proof and leak-proof when lid is attached


Preferred Collaboration Types

PepsiCo is open to a range of collaboration types, but solutions must meet commercial capability requirements outlined above.


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