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A yet2 client is seeking technologies and/or partners to improve safety and efficiency when manually handling heavy objects.


The act of manually lifting heavy objects poses a significant risk to the operator due to the shape, size, and weight of the object. In this case, manual handling activities include pushing, pulling, lifting, lowering, and carrying. As well as the risk factor, manual lifting is repetitive and time consuming for the operators themselves. Therefore, our client is seeking solutions that improve the operator’s safety and efficiency.

Solutions will help the manual handlers with managing the weight, and awkward shape of objects whilst reducing risk of falling or dropping the objects.

Risk Areas to Be Considered

  • Loading and unloading of objects into awkward and restrictive spaces, including stacking multiple heavy objects inside the space (e.g. loading and unloading of a truck, and stacking the objects inside of the truck).
  • Carrying objects indoors (e.g. upstairs in apartment blocks).
  • Lifting heavy objects outside the power zone. That is, below the knee and above the chest height (see picture).

Possible Solution Areas

  • Technologies to reduce the power required to move objects.
  • The targets identified could use elements of Autonomy or AI.


Desired Outcome of the Solution

Looking for technologies and/or partners with solutions at any development stage.

Field of Use and Intended Applications

Manual handling of heavy objects encompassing all risk areas in delivery: from plant/storage to transportation method, and from transportation method to inside the customer’s house.

Previously Attempted Solutions

Complementary solutions to the ones mentioned below are desired. Equal, or similar, solutions are not of interest.

  • Trolley to load and unload heavy objects from delivery vehicles and to transport objects over short distances.
  • Jib crane mounted in the load bin of a truck or pickup. The purpose of the jib crane is to load and unload the heavy objects from delivery vehicles.

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