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A yet2 client is seeking face patterning solutions that might be applied to products across their bakery product portfolio. An ideal solution will be able to clearly create complex logos across a range of baked goods, from crackers/biscuits (including wafer) to cakes. Our client is particularly interested in solutions for cakes and is interested in novel ideas cross-industry that may be applied.


Logos and other embossments are an important element of our client’s products in terms of product brand equity and consumer liking. They would like to understand what technologies are new or emerging that may offer them the opportunity to innovate in this area, allowing greater flexibility and more complex designs beyond what is currently possible (using primarily rotary molding (cookies) and rotary cutter (cracker) techniques).


  • Must be applicable or have potential to be used for bakery products (cookies, crackers, wafer, cake) and be edible/food safe (if using any substrates).
  • Have the potential to scale and be deployed globally


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Laser-based technologies
  • 3D printing (e.g., advances in binder jetting, extrusion-based, inkjet printing etc.)
  • Robotic solutions
  • Other surface modification approaches


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Photo by Eugene Kuznetsov on Unsplash

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