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yet2’s client is seeking a safety monitoring system for a hazardous industrial environment, capable of warning workers that they are about to enter a danger zone (due to proximity to dangerous equipment), whether they are on the ground or on lifting machinery. The system must be adaptable for various outdoor sites and offer precise worker movement tracking.

Ideally, a solution will be able to:

  1. Define both the danger/safe zones with minimal calibration.
  2. Track worker movement, setting off an alarm and/or stopping lifting machinery when they are 0.5m from the danger zone.

The client is also open to a hybrid approach combining multiple technologies.


Solutions must:

  • Detect the whole human body, including extremities to ensure that they are tracked near the danger zones.
  • Work in real-time, with no latency
  • Work outdoors, in all weather conditions
  • Be easily integrated into existing processes.


Ideally, solutions should:

  • Be portable for use at different sites.
  • Have a large field of view to see workers on the ground, and on lifting machinery.
  • Have 3D depth capabilities.
  • Stop machinery and/or set of an alarm when close to a danger zone.
  • Not be wearable device.
  • Not rely on mobile/wireless connectivity.


Possible Solution Areas:

  • Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence
  • Optical Tracking
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality
  • LiDAR


Desired outcome of the solution:

Integration of solutions on site to ensure worker safety.


Related TechNeeds:

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